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Chamber Affiliations

The BC Chamber of Commerce -

The BC Chamber of Commerce is the premier business advocacy organization in the province. Through a unique policy development process grounded in a grassroots, results-orientated analysis of issues and solutions from locally based stakeholders, the BC Chamber is widely accepted as the only organization capable of providing real solutions to real problems. 

British Columbia Chamber Executives Society -

The BC Chamber Executives Society (BCCE) was formed in 1986 to offer education, resources and support to senior staff of chambers of commerce and boards of trade in British Columbia. The BCCE provides a network, which acts as a mentor, teacher and confidante, for sharing resources and information around managing our chambers and boards of trade across British Columbia. 

Canadian Chamber of Commerce -

As Canada's largest and most influential business association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the primary and vital connection between business and the federal governement. It continually demonstrates impact on public policy and decision-making to the benefit of businesses, communities and families across Canada.