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Golden, BC

Golden, BC has a very diverse and vibrant business community, which extends widely throughout the Kicking Horse Country covering Donald, Blaeberry, Golden, Nicholson, Field and Parson. Golden businesses are wide ranging and diverse from the nuts and bolts of industry to eco tourism. Golden’s very first business was established in 1884 called the General Merchandise Store operated by Baptiste Morizeau.

As you arrive in Golden, BC from the east or west you will first come upon the location of the hotels, gas stations and restaurants that are conveniently located on the Trans Canada Highway #1. To discover the picturesque town center of Golden, BC you will need to travel a very short distance south at the intersection of Highway 95 / Highway 1.

The Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce is easily found on Highway 95/10 Ave North; it is the only building located along the railroad tracks on the left. You will need to walk around the building to locate our front door as we were once a railway station and our entrance faces the tracks. You discover the staff a wealth of information as we pride ourselves in knowing each and everyone of our businesses in Kicking Horse Country.
The parking lot is a convenient location to park your vehicle and stroll through the downtown area, to the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge and along the river.  In the months of July and August the area becomes alive with the Golden Farmers Market every Wednesday, 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

When you continue to travel south on Highway 95/10 Ave North, you will cross the Kicking Horse River and find an additional shopping area including motels, restaurants and retail businesses.

Whitetooth Bistro - outdoor patio AGG - Mural & Bean Bag Coffee

There is also a light industrial area located in the north end of the town site, a great location to find building supplies, sub contractors and automotive parts.

As you venture into our countryside you will find the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, quaint B&B’s, cabins and lodges. You will want to stay with us a few days to truly discover Kicking Horse Country!  Let us help you find a business Contact Us