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HCA Mountain Minerals (Moberly) Ltd.

Heemskirk Canada Limited is in the industrial minerals business, with operations in Alberta and British Columbia and a head office in Calgary. Producers of industrial mineral products for over 50 years, Heemskirk Canada's operations in Lethbridge, Alberta and Golden, British Columbia have an enviable reputation of providing high quality products to our customers on a consistent, reliable basis. We provide our products packaged in bags, intermediate bulk containers and in bulk, utilizing a full spectrum of logistics options to provide effective supply chain solutions to our customers. Moberly silica is used in the manufacturing of glass, fiberglass, thermal cement and golf bunkers to name a few. Heemskirk Canada Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heemskirk Consolidated Limited, an Australian company listed on the Australian stock exchange.

Ben De Jager
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1725 Blaeberry River Road East
Golden, BC, V0A 1H1