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Vote for Golden's Top 20

NEW to the Community Excellence Awards this year are the "Golden's Top 20" Awards. 

The "Golden's Top 20" Awards is a chance to honour that segment of the community to whom the future belongs, and to showcase mentors, champions and role models as a means to encourage and foster leaders.

How It Works

Members of the community can head over to the Golden Top 20 Page and nominate one individual under the age of 40 and one individual over the age of 40. Individuals can be nominated for their business success, innovation, advocacy, environmental impact, academic achievement, political, legal, or government affairs, volunteerism, or simply their sheer awesomeness! 

Nominations are open until October 1st. Once all nominations are compiled, ten of the most frequently nominated individuals in the "under 40" category and ten in the "over 40" category will be selected to represent Golden's Top 20 and will be honoured at the 13th annual Community Excellence Awards on Saturday, October 21st.